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詰め込もうと思って改めて観なおしたら、女の子のMVばっかりだったわ!兄さん!!あと「決して 言う さようなら」のインパクト


あと「決して 言う さようなら」のインパクト

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Visual development by Hans Bacher for Mulan (1998)

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Anonymous said: What pairings do you like/dislike for China? Your art is also very nice btw!

Oh thanks!I like most arts of China especially some arts can describe him in a traditional and cultural way,and I like to use Chinese brushes to draw him on the Xuan paper(宣纸).Actually I am a student who is learning Chinese traditional art and love it very much but I am still need to improve my skill.I also like to see China with Asian group or with chibis,I think the feeling of these paintings would be very harmonious :)

If it comes to disliking……tbh some arts make me uncomfortable,most of them are related to personal political tendency or misunderstanding of our history or conditions,well I don’t want to judge these paintings.btw Hima made China a neutral character,but most Chinese aph fans believe he is a guy.

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2P Nyo!America

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Simply amazing!

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Up Close: Summer Kimono c.1876 (X)
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super indulgent spaport crap because i haven’t eaten yet and this is how the mind works

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