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Why did this happen



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Tai Zi Wan Park, Hangzhou, China 

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Silk road pair(take request from others)

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中秋节快乐! Happy Mooncake Festival!


中秋节快乐! Happy Mooncake Festival!

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'course I like the guy we helped each other a LOT through times, like this one time England CAME TO MY PLACE AFTERWARDS ONLY TO KICK US, THAT ASSHOLE // Ireland

Oh you’re right, I’m sorry, I just thought I should do something because YOU WERE HELPING HIM, DUMBASSS // England

[[The Spanish Armada in Ireland : in 1588, Phillip II sent his armada to invade England. However, the spanish were defeated, and decided to head back home through the North Atlantic. Of course, they didn’t plan the violent storms that made them CRASH on the west coast of Ireland. Because of it, English government freaked out, thinking the irish who were being conquered at the time would join the spanish. Yet, when they realized the armada crashed, so Fitzwilliam just ordered that all spaniards be captured and hanged, while anyone helping them be tortured and charged as a traitor to the Crown. From England with love.]]

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詰め込もうと思って改めて観なおしたら、女の子のMVばっかりだったわ!兄さん!!あと「決して 言う さようなら」のインパクト


あと「決して 言う さようなら」のインパクト

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Visual development by Hans Bacher for Mulan (1998)

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Anonymous said: What pairings do you like/dislike for China? Your art is also very nice btw!

Oh thanks!I like most arts of China especially some arts can describe him in a traditional and cultural way,and I like to use Chinese brushes to draw him on the Xuan paper(宣纸).Actually I am a student who is learning Chinese traditional art and love it very much but I am still need to improve my skill.I also like to see China with Asian group or with chibis,I think the feeling of these paintings would be very harmonious :)

If it comes to disliking……tbh some arts make me uncomfortable,most of them are related to personal political tendency or misunderstanding of our history or conditions,well I don’t want to judge these paintings.btw Hima made China a neutral character,but most Chinese aph fans believe he is a guy.

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